The lost blog

So I’ve not blogged for a while, why? Why because I wonder if blogging sometimes draws attention to you, attention that is unnecessary or judged upon.

Myself I try not to judge I never make an assumption or at least I don’t make an assumption out loud.

But the mind its a great thing, it sometimes does make that assumption plus some self doubt im sure we all can relate to.

Anyway blogging- I sometimes avoid it because I feel like my blog won’t revolutionise or be much of a read

When in reality why should it, why can’t a blog just be anything? It can, and it should be anything. Anything you want to say or share to the waiting public or just to yourself

Today I’ve spent some quality time with my husband, no 2hr run (i am injured) no phones no tv no distraction. Its been one of the most delightful evenings, talking, connecting and sharing some much needed time with each other. We’ve not been out, or had a baby sitter We’ve just been in our garden until sunset.

In the fast paced life we both live in we sometimes forget to reflect and share. Reflection is a great tool something I dont always get time to do but something I should make time for.

I can’t promise to blog regular but im promising to reflect more and enjoy my husband’s company uninterrupted much much more!



Club runs

I am a year on in from the first time I put on my trainers and did a run. It was more a shuffle come walk come skip. I started couch to 5k with a actual real running club with my good friend Nic. Nic is a character, the kind of person who doesnt hold back and pushes you – sometimes literally. The kind of person you need when you’re training for your first 5k then 10k then half marathon.

I was always last, which I liked. I didn’t have to try and get round people, no elbowing or falling over anyone’s feet. I liked plodding along I can’t say I was happy at first about being clapped into club by the finished runners every week. But they would wait for me in the cold and sometimes rain to clap me in. Thats the kind of thing I love about running- you all come together, support each other and run alongside people you would never have met if you didn’t run with club. We are always there for each other even if its just wishing people luck on race day, or a tap on the back after a cold 5 mile club run or even cheering on a passing runner when your struggling to breathe yourself.

You feel you belong and you feel like like you are part of something. That’s why I like running with a club. We have our ups and downs don’t get me wrong especially as a member of the committee, which I joined after 4 weeks of joining club. Didn’t know anyone and they had no clue who I was 🙈. That took me right out of my comfy zone, the zone where everything is lovely and cosy.

This weekend I’m off to become a run leader a one day course with Welsh athletics all day on a Saturday when Wales are playing England. Not that it makes much difference to me, but Jon is rugby mad and is going to be watching it at home with our busy two year old.

Back to the point – run leaders courses why do it? because I like to give my time, I like to support people and encourage people. I love to see people active, trying new things and connecting with people through running. Also I want to strengthen my club, making it accessible for people by having more run leaders we can offer more.


Plus I get to spend the day with my lovely friend Nic and my new friend Ade which I met at club. Also Carys who I’m hoping to get know a bit more and talk wedding’s, shes getting married this year.

So happy weekend from me – I’ll mostly be in Maesteg LC running around and learning something new ❤

My First Blog Feb 2018

So I read blogs all the time, work related ones, parent blogs and running blogs. I’ve always thought that I couldn’t blog I have nothing much to say, when really I have lots to say. My mind is very busy, its always has been – at 11 I was told my mind worked fast and that was reason why I jumbled up my words when speaking. Some truth maybe but the main reason for this is that im dyslexic.

When I reflect I suppose I like having a busy mind and busy life. I’ve always been impressed with my minds ability and trusted it. However I found after having my darling daughter I started to become forgetful, which is something I have never experienced before. I would remember everything small details, names, how to get somewhere and always knew my phone number. But after giving birth I would forget names, even people I had known for years. I thought it was funny at first but it became a regular occurrence and I would have to listen more in hope to pick up the name in conversations. The forgetfulness did have an impact on my confidence at the time I just bumbled through with my smile and a few giggles thrown in for good measure.

Anyway after nearly three years my ability to remember names has returned along with the others. I have found that I keep alot of what I think in my mind very rarely write a list and planned a wedding completely in my mind with nothing written down.

So I’m hoping blogging will be where I share some creativity- some thoughts and share a little piece of us.

Ps I still can’t remember my phone number

Clare Bradwick-Lidster